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Cost of Compliance

There’s an adage that says if it’s “too good to be true, it probably is”.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance is imploring the supply chain to keep in mind the ‘cost of compliance’ when choosing transportation providers and ensure their freight carriers aren’t cheating on taxes, cutting corners on safety and polluting the environment.

CTA has launched the following campaign to educate shippers and customers of freight services in the supply chain on how to protect themselves from unwittingly keeping illegal, unsafe and non-compliant carriers on the road, which places their businesses and the general public at risk. As good corporate citizens, every responsible shipper needs to strongly consider how some trucking companies can offer freight services for a fraction of the true cost.

The campaign prompts shippers and receivers to consider how concerned they’d be if the trucking companies hired to transport their goods were knowingly mistreating workers and siphoning public dollars into the underground economy; endangering public safety by cheating on hours of service rules as did the company involved in the Humboldt Broncos crash; and intentionally disengaging green, anti-emissions technology on commercial trucks.

The below material brings awareness to the problem and helps the shipping community mitigate exposure to risk and liability by identifying and reporting scofflaw trucking carriers in their network.

Industry carriers are encouraged to share this information with the leaders of their customer base to educate and bring about positive change in the supply chain. As such, CTA is encouraging members to contact the CEOs and presidents of shippers – positions that are responsible both for the viability and image of their corporation –  to influence awareness and responsible decisions in regards to compliance of the supply chain.

Check out this digital brochure explaining these important issues in EN and FR below:

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