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CUSMA Coming into Force Canada Day

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is applauding the federal government for negotiating and seeing over the finish of the Canada United States Mexico Agreement (CUSMA), which comes into effect on Canada Day, July 1.

“CUSMA is protecting and nurturing the growth of the $1.5 trillion in trade between the three signatory countries. It is a great way to celebrate Canada Day by securing a vital and fair trade agreement with our key trading partners,” said CTA Chair Scott Smith. “CUSMA will remove uncertainty in the supply chain, which is much-needed during the COVID-19 crisis.”

CUSMA will provide Canada with protected and privileged access to its largest trading partner –typically 10 million trucks a year cross the Canada-US border, hauling over 70 per cent of the trade with the U.S.

While recent media reports hinting at brewing tariff war are concerning, CTA hopes the all three trading partners are reminded that such that punitive actions hurts everyone on each side of the respective borders.

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