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Border Action Plan Update

CTA has been an active participant in development of the Beyond the Border Action Plan from consultations to current and ongoing progress.  See below an update on the work done by governments related to the Perimeter Security Initiative Beyond the Border Action Plan. Of particular note:

  • The introduction of Trusted Trader Portal where PIP participants can access and manage their PIP membership.  CTA encourages all PIP members to activate their web portal account with CBSA.  Information on how to do so can be found here:
  • CTA also participated in the Beyond the Border Executive Steering Committee Stakeholder Roundtable session where CTA stressed the importance of issues relevant to trucking including, but not limited to, empty trailer repositioning and the restoration of an ability to move Canadian domestic goods in transit through the US using a limited data set.  Since that time, CBP and CBSA have successfully achieved a way forward for in transit moves through the US for Canadian carriers and CTA continues discussions with DHS related to the repositioning of empty trailers.

CTA is actively engaged in the Beyond the Border Action Plan initiatives with an impact, direct or indirect to trucking, and remains optimistic that future achievements will result in increased efficiencies for the trucking industry.

For more on these issues and other Border Action Plan news click here:  Border News_public

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